Shweta Dabholkar

Shweta Dabholkar

Project and Policy Officer

Shweta Dabholkar is a Project and Policy Officer at CPSP. She is currently developing a behaviour change technology solution to increase farmer compliance to government led sustainable agriculture programmes. She coordinates CPSP’s regional work in Asia and Latin America, discusses regulatory approaches country governments, and chairs a monthly meeting of colleagues working on pesticides from FAO and mental health and chemical safety departments of the WHO. She has previously worked on a research project that evaluated the impact of ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming’ (ZBNF) policy on consumption of pesticides in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Prior to CPSP, she worked with JPAL South Asia on a randomized control evaluation that studied the impact of messaging services on the behavioural outcome of elderly diabetic population living in the slums of Mumbai. Shweta holds a Masters in Anthropology and Development from the London School Of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She is the 2015 British Council Scholar Awardee. She also has a background in TV Production of historical documentary series and shows for prominent media houses like BBC Worldwide. She is interested in finding the costs of negative externalities of unimplemented public health policies.





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