Useful resources

Useful resources and publications related to pesticide suicide prevention.

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Publications

Addressing Highly Hazardous Pesticides
Information about FAO’s work on HHPs

Pesticide Registration Toolkit (HHPs)
A decision support system for pesticide registrars in developing countries

Agroecology Knowledge Hub
Evidence, policies, practices and science on agroecology

Family Farming Knowledge Platform: Phasing out Highly Hazardous Pesticides is possible
Farmer experiences in growing coffee without endosulfan

Addressing Highly Hazardous Pesticides in Mozambique
The risk reduction process followed in Mozambique

World Health Organisation (WHO) Publications

LIVE LIFE: An implementation guide for suicide prevention in countries
WHO’s approach to suicide prevention

WHO Suicide Prevention Resources
Factsheets, data and tools on suicide prevention

The WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard and guidelines to classification, 2019 edition
A classification system to distinguish between the more and the less hazardous forms of selected pesticides based on acute risk to human health

Infographic: it’s time to regulate Highly Hazardous Pesticides
Infographic sharing the dangers of HHPs and how regulation can have an impact

Exposure to highly hazardous pesticides: a major public health concern
Policy brief on public health concerns related to HHPs (2019)

Menu of Cost-effective Interventions for Mental Health
A list of interventions for which information on cost-effectiveness is available

Joint WHO & FAO Publications

International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management
The framework on pesticide management for all public and private entities engaged in, or associated with, production, regulation and management of pesticides

International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management: Guidelines on Highly Hazardous Pesticides
Guidelines expanding upon the articles in the Code of Conduct (above) 

Preventing suicide: a resource for pesticide registrars and regulators
Important approaches that pesticide registrars and regulators can take

Detoxifying agriculture and health from highly hazardous pesticides: a call for action
The risks posed by HHPs, the possible alternatives and what can be done to phase them out and opt for more sustainable solutions

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

An Assessment Report on Issues of Concern: Chemicals and Waste Issues Posing Risks to Human Health and the Environment
Report to inform and support decision making at UNEA and other international forums working towards sound chemicals and waste management

Guidelines on Alternatives to Highly Hazardous Pesticides
Guidelines to support the process of replacing HHPs and to provide information and reassurance that there are viable alternatives

Pesticide Action Network (PAN)

Consolidated List of Banned Pesticides
A resource to identify which pesticides have been banned by particular countries

Exploring Safer Alternatives to HHPs
A short guide to alternative methods to Highly Hazardous Pesticides

Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)

Highly Hazardous Pesticides Knowledge Platform
SAICM publications, videos and details on how to join the Community of Practice

Highly Hazardous Pesticides Video
A short video summarizing the dangers of highly hazardous pesticides.

SAICM Focal Points
Information on focal points and how to nominate


Journal Articles

Suicide risk and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic 
Authors: David Gunnell, Louis Appleby, Ella Arensman, Keith Hawton, Ann John, Nav Kapur, Murad Khan, Rory C O’Connor, Jane Pirkis, and the COVID-19 Suicide Prevention Research Collaboration 

Trends in pesticide suicide in South Korea, 1983–2014
Authors:  Eun Shil Cha, Shu-Sen Chang, Yeongchull Choi &Won Jin Lee

The characteristics of emergency department presentations related to acute herbicide or insecticide poisoning in South Korea between 2011 and 2014
Authors: Jeong Mi Moon, Byeong Jo Chun, and Yong Soo