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Pesticide poisoning is one of the most common methods of global suicide

The problem

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Banning highly hazardous pesticides saves lives

The solution

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We are the only global initiative dedicated to preventing pesticide suicide

What we do

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Who we are

The Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention (CPSP) works to reduce the number of pesticide suicides worldwide. 

An estimated 14 million people have died from pesticide self-poisoning since the Green Revolution, making it one of the most common methods of global suicide. We work in low and middle-income countries, where pesticide self-poisoning is a recognised and significant health problem, in collaboration with national policy-makers. Our work aims to identify lethal pesticides responsible for deaths and end their use through regulatory action. 

We are a philanthropically funded research and policy initiative within the University of Edinburgh. The centre was launched in September 2017 with support from an Incubator Grant of the Open Philanthropy Project Fund, on the recommendation of GiveWell, USA.

Introduction to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention

*Content warning: videos contain content about suicide and suicidal feelings*

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