Dr. Rakesh Ghimire

Dr. Rakesh Ghimire, Consultant, Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention


Dr. Rakesh Ghimire is a medical doctor working as an assistant professor in the department of Clinical Pharmacology at Maharajgunj Medical Campus, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Dr Ghimire has successfully completed Structural Operational Research and Training Initiative (SORT IT) organized by WHO/TDR. He has been involved in different national and international research and focuses on operational research. His research areas are related to Clinical Pharmacology (Pharmacovigilance, Antimicrobial Resistance, Drug interactions) and Clinical Toxicology (mainly focusing in Pesticide related Poisoning in Asia Pacific region). He has been working with pesticide suicides for more than 5 years and working closely with forensic science laboratories and regulatory stakeholders for reducing pesticide deaths from Nepal. Dr. Ghimire has published various newspaper articles to bring awareness among the public on the harmful effect by the use of highly hazardous pesticide and need for their regulation to reduce pesticide deaths.