News about pesticide suicides

Let’s do it the eco-friendly way

PESTICIDES are toxic chemicals applied to crops for killing insect pests, plant pathogens and weeds. Less than one per cent of the more than one million identified species of insects are ‘pests’.

Banning pesticides: Make haste slowly

Farmers and the pesticide industry are agitated over three notifications issued since February that have proposed bans on about 30 chemical pesticides and restricted the spraying of glyphosate, a popular weed killer, only by licensed pest control operators.

Pesticide-free crop protection yields up to US$ 20 billion/year benefits in Asia-Pacific

Scientists have estimated for the first time how nature-based solutions for agricultural pest control deliver US$ 14.6 to US$ 19.5 billion annually across 23 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

States must stop exporting unwanted toxic chemicals to poorer countries, says UN expert

GENEVA (XX July 2020) – The practice of wealthy States exporting their banned toxic chemicals to poorer nations lacking the capacity to control the risks is deplorable and must end, a UN expert said today, with the endorsement of 35 fellow experts of the Human Rights Council.

Submission to the Indian government in support of the 27 pesticides ban

Indian and international scholars provide evidence in support of the proposed pesticide ban