News about pesticide suicides

State Govt seeks report on paraquat poisoning deaths

State Govt seeks report on paraquat poisoning deaths The State Government has sought a report from VIMSAR, Burla over deaths caused due to consumption of lethal paraquat herbicide.

BBC World news report about reducing suidice in Sri Lanka

Banning pesticides in Sri Lanka led to a massive drop in suicides. The work of the CPSP in Sri Lanka is presented in this BBC World News report on Sept 2019

Which countries have banned pesticides used in suicide?

An estimated 150,000 people take their own lives every year by ingesting pesticides. The UN has called for tougher regulation to reduce the availability of these products.

Pathways to prevention

Can a three-digit phone number avert suicides on a grand scale? Last week, the Federal Communications Commission recommended designating 988 as a nationwide suicide prevention hotline number.

WHO publication released today, Preventing suicide: a resource for pesticide registrars and regulators

There is now a growing body of international evidence indicating that regulations to prohibit the use of highly hazardous pesticides can lead to reductions in national suicide rates.