Prof Michael Eddleston

Michael Eddleston, Director, Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention


Michael Eddleston is Professor of Clinical Toxicology at the University of Edinburgh. He has worked on pesticide suicides for more than twenty years, focusing in particular on Sri Lanka. His research has covered the natural history of pesticide poisoning (ie. what happens after people ingest various pesticides), the medical treatment of poisoned patients, and strategies for prevention of deaths from pesticide suicides. He has published extensively on the subject, interacted with the United Nations to bring it to the forefront of global public health, and built up a group of world-leading academic researchers who are passionate about the subject.

Selected Publications

Knipe DW, Gunnell D, Eddleston M. Preventing deaths from pesticide self-poisoning – learning from Sri Lanka’s success. Lancet Global Health 2017, 5: e651-e652

Eddleston M. Patterns and problems of deliberate self-poisoning in the developing world. Quarterly Journal of Medicine 2000, 93:715-731

Eddleston M, Sheriff MHR, Hawton K. Deliberate self-harm in Sri Lanka – an overlooked tragedy in the developing world. British Medical Journal 1998, 317:133-135



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