Prof Shu-Sen Chang

Prof Shu Sen Chang

Shu-Sen Chang is Assistant Professor of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. With a background in psychiatry and epidemiology, his research focuses on i) the aetiology and prevention of suicide and self-harm; ii) the determinants and promotion of mental health in the community, workplace, and the population; and iii) the applications of advanced epidemiological, spatial, and multi-level analyses in the two areas to better understand their determinants at the individual and community levels and the interactions. He has worked with local and international researchers conducting a series of studies to investigate time trends, geographic variations, and risk factors of suicide and self-harm. He has evaluated intervention efforts using data from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka, and other parts of the world, with the aim to provide an evidence base to inform suicide prevention strategies.