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The goal

Our work has demonstrated that the work of pesticide regulators to remove HHPs from agriculture prevents deaths and injuries from pesticide poisoning.u00a0 The Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention works in countries where pesticide self-poisoning is a recognised and significant health problem. By working in partnership with decision-makers to improve data collection and to identify local problems with pesticide poisoning, better knowledge becomes available to guide the policies and practice of pesticide regulation.
Our research showns that restricting the availability of the HHPs most commonly linked to suicides is a highly effective way of reducing deaths and injuries from pesticide poisoning.
We provide funding and assistance to local groups working to prevent pesticide self-poisoning. By collecting the poisoning data and providing it to regulators, interventions effective at local, national, and regional levels can be developed. Our work is done with the help of local staff, who serve as champions for the effort, and experts within the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention who have already led similar work in Asia and Africa.