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Prof Michael Eddleston


Dr Leah Utyasheva

Policy Director

Mark Davis

Director for Agriculture and Regulatory Outreach

Aastha Sethi

Project & Policy Officer

Ayanthi Karunarathne


Maxine Brassell


Dr Gael Robertson


Dr Dilli Ram Sharma


Shweta Dabholkar

Project and Policy Officer

Dr. Rakesh Ghimire



Dr Shu-Sen Chang

Shu-Sen Chang is Assistant Professor of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences at National Taiwan University.

Mr Manjula Weerasinghe

Manjula is a PhD fellow at Rajarata University

Bangkim Chingsubam
Dr Pratibha Ester Singh


Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

Advisory board

Prof Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson is a Clinical Professor in Addiction Medicine at the University of Sydney.

Prof Abul Faiz

Abul Faiz is a Professor of Medicine at the Sir Salimullah Medical College in Dakha, Bangladesh.

Prof Indika Gawarammana

Indika Gawarammana is Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine at the University of Peradeniya.

Prof David Gunnell

David Gunnell is Professor of Epidemiology and a public health physician at the University of Bristol.

Prof Keith Hawton

Keith Hawton is Professor of Psychiatry at Oxford University and a Consultant Psychiatrist with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Prof Flemming Konradsen

Flemming Konradsen is Professor and Director of the School of Global Health at the University of Copenhagen.

Prof Won-Jin Lee

Won-Jin Lee is Professor of Preventative Medicine and an epidemiologist at the Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul.

Dr Melissa Pearson

Dr Pearson works on the regulatory actions that have resulted in suicide reductions worldwide.

Prof Andrea Rother

Andrea Rother is Head of the Environmental Health Division and Professor in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at University of Cape Town, South Africa