World Health Assembly adopts resolution on chemicals

The World Health Assembly has passed a resolution calling for greater action to reduce the impact of chemicals, waste and pollution on human health.

The resolution explicitly recognises pesticide suicides as a major global problem and the importance of pesticide regulation for reducing all human and environmental harms from highly hazardous pesticides.

Responding to news of the resolution, Mark Davis, Director for Agriculture and Regulatory Outreach at the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention, said:

“Congratulations to the World Health Organization and all its members who supported this important resolution.

The resolution gives recognition to the estimated 138,000 annual deaths from intentional consumption of pesticides, and that acute and chronic poisoning from pesticides and other chemicals is under-reported and under-diagnosed.

While more action is needed on the part of national authorities and international organizations to regulate highly hazardous pesticides, this resolution will certainly help to mobilize action and resources.”

The full resolution text can be accessed from