CPSP marks World Mental Health Day 2023 with launch of new film and trailer

To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10 October, the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention (CPSP) has launched a new film, celebrating Nepal’s commitment to preventing pesticide suicides.

In 2019, Nepal banned eight highly hazardous pesticides, with the specific aim of reducing deaths from pesticide self-poisoning. These bans were result of many years of research, campaigning and policy engagement, made possible through the work of clinicians, toxicologists, data collectors, and policy-makers.

Watch the film to learn about Nepal’s story and ongoing work to measure the impact of the bans on suicides rates.

Warning: contains content about suicide that some people may find upsetting. Use this link to find an international helpline – www.findahelpline.com

Her Name Was Sita (2023) Official Trailer

We are also proud to release the trailer for our upcoming documentary short film, Her Name Was Sita.

The film explores the concept of a virtuous woman and how culture, shame and honour can lead to self-harm and suicide in Nepal. Her Name Was Sita is dedicated to a 16-year-old girl who died trying to prove she was worthy of love.

Events and screenings of Her Name Was Sita are currently being scheduled across the United Kingdom and Nepal. Further details will be announced shortly.

You can also read a blog post from filmmaker Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston, explaining who she chose to make the film.

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