Dr Lisa Schölin

Lisa Scholin, Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention

Research Fellow

Lisa Schölin trained in public health science and research methods in Sweden before moving to the UK where she completed a MSc and PhD in public health. After her PhD, she worked as a researcher in alcohol policy at University of Stirling and University of Edinburgh and spent a year and a half year working as a consultant for the alcohol and prison health programme at WHO Regional Office for Europe. Lisa’s early career research focused on alcohol use during pregnancy and effective interventions to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies, as well as other aspects of alcohol-related harm and policy-related issues. 

More recently, Lisa worked as a researcher for the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland where she worked on monitoring the use of mental health and capacity legislation and specific issues related to compulsory psychiatric care, including significantly impaired decision-making as a criterion for compulsory care, ethical challenges to providing remote assessments during Covid-19, and length of short-term detentions. 

Lisa’s work at CPSP includes exploring global data on pesticide self-harm and suicide as well as the role of alcohol in pesticide self-harm. She is also working on projects focused on understanding perceptions of pesticide bans in Sri Lanka.

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