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Edinburgh University

We are a philanthropically funded research and policy initiative within the University of Edinburgh. We adhere to the values, procedures, and governance structure of the University of Edinburgh, which can be found here. The Ethical Fundraising Advisory Group of the University of Edinburgh is responsible for ensuring that all donations to the University, including donations to the CPSP, come from ethical sources. More information on this group can be found here.

In terms of CPSP’s governance procedures and structure, we are supervised by the research committee of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh. We do not have a separate board from the University Board of Directors but we have a Scientific Advisory Board that is convened on a case by case basis. To ensure transparent management of any possible conflict of interest within CPSP, we adhere to the Edinburgh University conflict of interest policy which can be found here.

Fully Funded Minto Scholarship at University of Edinburgh in UK ...