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Bangkim Chingsubam

cbangkim@gmail.com, bangkim@eha-health.org

Bangkim chingsubam


Chingsubam Bangkim Singh, has been working on public health since early 1992. He began working in drug use and HIV related issues specially among people who use drugs and other marginalized community. He has worked on range of issues, including improving access to HIV and hepatitis C treatment. Mr. Bangkim has been an activist onu00a0 advocating for marginalized population; worked as an researcher, capacity building, project management and community development programs. He also worked in some of the South Asian countries; largely in the field of drug use, HIV and AIDS related issues and has carried out assignments on research and project implementation for both NGOs, GOs and other International agencies. He also worked for Global Fund AIDS TB Malaria (GFATM) India grant 2006 – 2016 in different capacities. Presently he is working as a National Research Coordinator under the Pesticide Suicide related issues.