News about pesticide suicides

Import of all pesticides banned in Cambodia

Following the deaths of 13 people in Kratie province’s Chetr Borie district from poisoning, the Ministry of Agriculture has imposed a temporary ban on all imports of pesticides.

Maharashtra: special investigation team wants extremely poisonous pesticides banned

Pesticide deaths in Maha: SIT has suggested a statewide ban on monocrotophos pesticide, which is frequently used by farmers

Suicide and the media: A degree of caution is required

Centre's expert in Nepal Gael Robertson on the importance of cautious reporting of suicide in the media. Talking sensitively about mental health problems and suicide reduces stigma and can save lives.

Maharashtra seeks ban on pesticides used by inhalation victims of 2017

The state’s commissionerate of agriculture has forwarded a proposal to Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) seeking a permanent ban on five pesticides found to be used by last year’s inhalation victims.