News about pesticide suicides

Pesticide poisoning deaths: SIT blames ryots too!

Staff Reporter, District-wise number of pesticide poisoning deaths in Amravati Divn District Patients Deaths Buldana 161 Nil Akola 275 10

Punjab bans sale of toxic pesticides; CSE urges similar necessary action by the Centre

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of the government of Punjab yesterday issued directions to discontinue the sale of 20 pesticides (insecticides), harmful to health of humans and environment with immediate effect.

The US National Marine Fisheries Service issues a warning about dangers of three organophosphate pesticides

The scientists warned that the widely used pesticides pose a threat, through run-off into rivers and oceans, to dozens of endangered and threatened species such as salmon and orca.

Centre PSP Press Release

The announcement from the University of Edinburgh about our work.

China to Ban 10 More Highly Toxic Pesticides

From Environment & Energy Report. Agricultural authorities in China are speeding up the phaseout of highly toxic pesticides, announcing Dec. 5 that another 10 pesticides will be eliminated by the end of 2022.