News about pesticide suicides

L'appel d'Arusha à l'action sur les pesticides

L'appel d'Arusha à l'action sur les pesticides Conférence interdisciplinaire “Pesticides et Politique(s) en Afrique” Institut de recherche sur les pesticides en zone tropicale (TPRI), Arusha, Tanzanie 28 – 31 mai 2019

The Arusha Call for Action on Pesticides

The Arusha Call for Action on Pesticides Pesticide Politics in Africa Conference Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI), Arusha, Tanzania 31 May 2019 Acknowledging that even by responsible and trained users, pesticides cannot be used safely, given the

Pesticide Politics in Africa

The current economic boom in many sub-Saharan countries is accompanied by an unprecedented increase in noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) due to industrial pollution, including pesticides. While local and

MoALD agrees to revise bill on use, control of pesticide

Kathmandu, February 5 Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has agreed to revise a draft bill related to the use and control of pesticides after lawmakers raised concerns about one of its provisions that allows the federal government to control use of pesticides.

How pesticide overuse is turning Kerala’s rice bowl into an ecological wasteland

The death of a farm labourer on January 18 has again put the focus on excessive and unwarranted use of pesticides in Kuttanad region, popularly known as the rice bowl of Kerala.