News about pesticide suicides

Pesticide suicide - prevention via locked storage

SwissInfo The use of pesticides to commit suicide presents an unexpected risk to pesticide companies who could potentially face restrictions on the sale of their product. Reducing accessibility could help minimise the risk for all concerned.

Pesticide ban cuts South Korea's high suicide rate - a bit

SEOUL (Reuters) - Jang Chang-yoon was drunk and weepy one rainy night, troubled by debts from his divorce. On a dark impulse, the South Korean waiter bought a bottle of pesticide to end it all with a few toxic swigs.

Taiwan decides to stop using paraquat in an effort to reduce suicides

The Taiwanese Council of Agriculture last month announced that the processing and import of paraquat would be banned from February next year, and its use and sale would be prohibited from February 2019.

Pesticide Poisoning Is The Leading Method of Suicide

For the more than 800,000 people who take their lives each year around the world, pesticide poisoning is the most frequently used method, according to a new report from the World Health Organization ....

India decriminalises attempted suicide

The Economist. Gorav Gupta has spent his life helping the mentally ill. But when suicidal patients seek help at his psychiatric hospital in Delhi, he turns them away. Mr Gupta says he cannot handle the “legal hassle” that might ensue if they try to end their lives while in his care.