News about pesticide suicides

Government plans to ban 27 pesticides

Government plans to ban 27 pesticides

Firms making billions from ‘highly hazardous’ pesticides, analysis finds

The world’s biggest pesticide companies make billions of dollars a year from chemicals found by independent authorities to pose high hazards to human health or the environment, according to an analysis by campaigners.

Demand for animal feed is driving the hazardous pesticide industry, data reveals

Commodity crops grown mainly for animal feed are a driving force in the global market for hazardous pesticides, analysis of exclusive agrochemical industry data has found.

Suicide Watch

Michael Eddleston is a professor of Clinical Toxicology at the University of Edinburg with over two decades of experience in suicide by ingesting pesticide.

Rice exporters seek ban on pesticides unregistered in the US, EU

India’s rice export to Europe has plunged by 40 per cent in 2018-19 over the issue of maximum residue level (MRL), and the market is likely to shrink further this year as rice samples has failed the mandatory testing.