News about pesticide suicides

Rice exporters seek ban on pesticides unregistered in the US, EU

India’s rice export to Europe has plunged by 40 per cent in 2018-19 over the issue of maximum residue level (MRL), and the market is likely to shrink further this year as rice samples has failed the mandatory testing.

Regulate the Sale of this Herbicide

In the face of serious concerns over increasing suicides by paraquat dichloride consumption in Odisha, the state government has finally acted and announced restrictions on the highly toxic herbicide.

Thailand To Ban Glyphosate And Other High-profile Pesticides

Thailand edged closer Tuesday to banning glyphosate and two other controversial pesticides despite protests from farmers in a multi-billion-dollar agriculture industry aiming to be the "kitchen of the world".

State Govt seeks report on paraquat poisoning deaths

State Govt seeks report on paraquat poisoning deaths The State Government has sought a report from VIMSAR, Burla over deaths caused due to consumption of lethal paraquat herbicide.

BBC World news report about reducing suidice in Sri Lanka

Banning pesticides in Sri Lanka led to a massive drop in suicides. The work of the CPSP in Sri Lanka is presented in this BBC World News report on Sept 2019