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You can save lives and help prevent pesticide suicides in agricultural communities in the world.

We will use your gift to help low income countries identify the most toxic pesticides that harm their communities, and ban them. Our organisation is supported by Giving What We Can and the Centre for Effective Altruism. Giving What We Can is a charity evaluator that advocates for people to make donations to the most cost-effective causes. Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention has been chosen by them as one of promising causes.

Our approach is highly cost-effective. After thorough assessment, Giving What We Can estimating a cost of less than 400 USD per life saved in the beginning of our work. We follow standard University of Edinburgh financial regulations to ensure effective use of funds. With only core staff employed in Edinburgh, the rest of our team is hired in low income countries, where the majority of spending is done.

We bring a unique and effective public health, policy, and research perspective to the issue, formed from decades of working in low income countries with pesticide regulators, the United Nations, and patients who have taken pesticides in suicide attempts. We work with regulators to research their HHP problem and the effect of their regulation so that lessons can be learnt for other countries. Our effort is driven by our need to see fewer deaths from this highly preventable suicide method, reproducing the fantastic success of Sri Lanka in other low-income countries.

Although there are many environmental organisations and groups working on reducing pesticide use, as well as there are many public health initiatives concentrating on suicide reduction, there are no international organisations addressing the rarely talked about topic of pesticide suicides. There is an urgent need to address this issue, taking into account that pesticide self-harm is second most prevalent means of suicide worldwide. Our unique approach is seeking to fill this gap, and help communities prevent the human, public health and environmental impact of pesticide suicides in agricultural communities of middle and low-income countries.