Suicides due to pesticide poisoning: Activists slam 'delaying tactics' as UK study stresses need to ban toxic chemicals

Another article following our submission to the Malhotra Committee.

“Forming committee after committee is a delaying tactic being adopted by the government. I don’t understand why the government is dragging its feet to simply implement a decision that it took in 2015,” said Kavitha Kuruganti, convenor of Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture (ASHA). Following the deaths of at least 40 farmers due to pesticide poisoning in 2017, Kuruganti and other farmer activists petitioned the Supreme Court on the inordinate delays in banning at least 99 pesticides that are banned in more than one other country and 104 pesticides that are banned in at least one other country in the world. “The government doesn’t seem to realise the magnitude of the problem. Hundreds of farmers are killing themselves every day, and the government cannot afford to be this lax. It looks like it is under pressure from the pesticide industry,” said Kuruganti.